The Flesh Made Word

“It’s not the word

made flesh

we want in writing,

in poetry and fiction,

but the flesh

made word”

William Gass


Elfje: ….. Classic: each word only one syllable. Cinquain
is told
was not old
some like it hot
Tanka: 5x7x5 7×7
one, sitting alone
everyone else disappeared
Father Time has won

it’s a game of attrition
no one will get out alive

if we ask a million poets
what words do you use to express love
true poets will say that I don’t know it
poets who receive their inspiration from above

they will tell you love is a personal thing
love is a constantly changing feeling
there are the sick who think love is a plaything
a false God’s game of double dealing

the healthy know love is a two way street
believing that the Great Creator loves every soul
a true analogy, love is to pleasure as taste is to sweet
love is the awesome feeling that makes one whole

great poets are glad love is so unexplainable
it keeps the art of wordcraft sustainable
ME and the Boss


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