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The Kiss

“Stephen kissed me in the spring,
Robin in the fall,
But Colin only looked at me
And never kissed at all.

Stephen’s kiss was lost in jest,
Robin’s lost in play,
But the kiss in Colin’s eyes
Haunts me night and day.”

 Sara Teasdale

Elfje: Cinquain

in boots
lips to lips
cat of my eye

Lune: 5,3,5
sweet, warm, juicy lips
moonlight kiss
romantic flashback
God’s perfect design
your lips placed on mine
feelings so hard to describe
yet free, no need to prescribe

hand in hand we take a stand
knowing this is what God had planned
two souls that will grow together
facing all kinds of weather

an honest living to provide
emotional support to be supplied
dreams of spawning the next generation
building the communities moral foundation

enjoying a life which cannot miss
a true love, sealed with a kiss

ME and the Boss


Watch Out

“Watch out for intellect,

because it knows so much

it knows nothing

and leaves you

hanging upside down,

mouthing knowledge

as your heart falls

out of your mouth.”

~ Anne Sexton

Elfje: ….. Classic: each word only one syllable. Cinquain
the beat
sense and feel
cared for the most

Senryu 5 x 7 x 5
rage was his response
emotions he couldn’t control
many days ruined

the old tar working his scrimshaw
reminiscing about his ships so tall
days at sea with no land in sight
weathering storms, keeping the sail upright

remembering the exotic ports of call
harassing the locals and starting a brawl
avoiding pirates, talking about their treasure
the native girls who knew about pleasure

year after year, captains both good and bad
so many mates lost, it made him sad
lucky to be old, there’s no more sea for him
Landlubber Jimmy became his pseudonym

the must visit destination for some local lore
a seat on the dock telling his story once more
ME and the Boss

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