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surrounds us
but putting it
on paper is, alas,
not so easy as
looking at it.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Elfje: …… Cinquain ….. Classic: each word only one syllable.
the chart
on the map
a rag cloth tarp
muggy and buggy
the summer sun bakes the earth
crops walk the drought line
ho hum he and ho hum she
with everything they would agree
they were boring and just so average
plain water was their favorite beverage

dressed plain in duds at a low cost
in a crowd they would get very lost
raised by parents who were really strict
on the playground they were never picked

the two were strolling by the lake one day
they spotted another couple walking their way
as they all grew closer four hearts started thumping
they stopped, they stared, you could hear the hearts pumping

shy and reticent no one said a word
God stepped in and sent them a messenger bird
a conversation piece, the four all started to talk all at once
brother and sister met brother and sister, instant romance

God created two unions right there on the spot
aren’t you happy there is a lid for every pot

ME and the Boss
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Soul Meets Soul

meets soul

on lovers’ lips.”

Percy Bysshe Shelley

Elfje: Cinquain
my core
all of life
but not the mind
Tanka: 5 x 7 x 5, 7 x 7
childish whine wants all
parents fear to discipline
child becomes spoiled

the adult brat abuses
I, I, me, me, my, my, dead

from the Devils loin he was conceived
he refused to learn from lessons received
God made him suffer long and hard
his emotions were littered like a junkyard

every relationship he had was scarred
from every decent establishment he was barred
every word he ever uttered was meant to deceived
for his selfish benefit all actions were perceived

a sick malcontent his deeds were despicable
if he ever voted it would have been for a liberal
a true sociopath his antics were unpredictable
mean and ugly were his motives explicable

being confined in prison was not a cure
only his body but not his mind was secure
his demise in jail was not a pretty sight
a guard left the gate open and there was a fight

the only casualty was the ego that would not relent
the inmates justice was cleared by the wardens consent
his obit was the local news release
may God allow his soul to rest in peace

was it society that did him wrong
the misfit that could not get along

ME and The Boss
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