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Prancing Poetry

“There is no Frigate
like a book
to take us lands away
nor any coursers
like a page of
prancing Poetry.

Emily Dickinson


Elfje: (Cinquain)

a sheet
also a leaf
from front to back



birds and bees flourish
long summer days to gather
sunshine a life boon




she exploded with a kaleidoscope of emotions
more feelings than there are fishes in the oceans
the man that she adored came knocking at her door
she felt like a kid in a candy store

it’s human nature for a he and a she to be
upon a set of morals and standards they must agree
he asked her to join him in holy matrimony
time to make plans for the blessed ceremony

the time and place was perfect for a wedding day
family and friends lined the venues walkway
their ritual was sealed with a kiss
tears of joy, she was no longer a Miss

they set up housekeeping and followed a plan
one that held many a dream of a long lifespan
time passed, the kids were raised
to their success, no one was amazed

as often happens, he died first
the kaleidoscope of emotions were put in reverse
she relied on the grand kids to fill the void
her beliefs would not let her life be destroyed

love and faith were the base of her foundation
her strength and wisdom to be used by the next generation
friends and family will miss her light
in God’s hands she is the angel of the night



ME and the Boss





If Your Soul Could Speak

at its best,
is the language
your soul would speak
if you could teach your
soul to speak
Jim Harrison

Elfje: ….. Classic: each word only one syllable. Cinquain
ghost like
peace of mind
the God in me
Tanka: 5 x 7 x 5, 7 x 7
thoughts are off the wall
the mind doing jumping jacks
can’t find a focus

nothing a good nap won’t cure
some rest for a stressed out mind
the still moonlit night was quiescent
shadowy clouds held in it’s crescent
an occasional hoot broke the silence
a train whistle heard in the far off distance

the night gives earth a chance to rest
for to survive there is no second best
all day, all night, predator versus prey
even the plants get into the fray

many of earth’s secrets man has yet to reveal
to his little mind a better mouse trap is a big deal
to the majority there’s no understanding of vast
nor do they know that the earth is moving fast

evolution slowed by a longer life span
will we laugh or cry when we knows God’s plan
ME and the Boss

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