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“If I had a world of my own,

everything would be nonsense.

Nothing would be what it is,

because everything would be 

what it isn’t.

And contrary wise, what is, 

it wouldn’t be.

And what it wouldn’t be,

it would.

You see?”


~ Lewis Carroll


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland





opposite worlds

inverse to reverse

assumed to be real





the jabberwocky

doesn’t need make any sense

natures world does




poetry so serious

the truth so mysterious

thinking outside of the box

being as sly as a fox


do poems need to be true

words all mixed up like a stew

having fun piquing one’s imagination

choosing a lyric that is thracian


defining the poets little world by writing

avoiding the mundane by trying to be exciting

making it up as they go along

glad to know that they can’t be wrong


those who can’t rhyme as they compose

justify the effort by calling it poetic prose

the poem should always be a total performance

even when the content is gobbledygook nonsense


believe, you are a poet, you simply don’t know it

just pretend that you’re building a banana split

so write, write, the words precisely right

and allow your soul to take flight.



ME and the Boss



don’t know what from this might be,

just made it up ….




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