Feed The Soul

“To me,
art begets art.
feeds the eye
just as poetry
feeds the ear,
which is to say
that both
feed the soul.”

Susan Vreeland


Elfje: …… Cinquain ….. Classic: each word only one syllable.
on head
two of them
one on each side
tornado warning
cold front comes barreling through
rain squalls and big wind
his story unfolded in many chapters
the episodes enriched with colorful actors
the grandchildren heard an installment per year
heartwarming tales sure to make them endear

his childhood memories from down on the farm
settings and characters imbued with rustic charm
idling the summers away fishing the pond
the long frigid winters more stories spawned

Fourth of July the annual family reunion
a rite nearly compared to a holy communion
Grandpa’s audience was to be the days climax
solemn memories recalled interspersed with wise cracks

family first was the message of his sage wisdom
love and trust shared on the honor system

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I Am Two Fools

“I am two fools,

I know,

for loving,

and for saying so

in whining poetry.”

.John Donne


Elfje: Cinquain
gulp down
mom is sow
dad is a boar
Tanka: 5 x 7 x 5, 7 x 7
selfish self centered
a vain egomaniac
it’s all about me

self love carried to extremes
narcissist is unhealthy
his brain was like a railroad station
thoughts like trains were coming and going
full or empty, most needed a citation
rare was the train that was mind blowing

born that way
the conductor was missing from the very beginning
schedules lost, time was always a delay
who knew what kept the wheels spinning

serious moments when a train jumps the tracks
shrinks and pills offered to work things out
the trains brains had lost their syntax
insane they called it, and it was without a doubt

there are times when the train chooses the wrong siding
the choices between right and wrong are colliding
the lucky can accept a new attitude
the best are those whose heart has gratitude

this metaphor uses a child’s toy
but the real mental illness is not a joy
support research and pray for medical advances
be sympathetic, help the sick pick up the pieces
ME and The Boss


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