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Never Argue

“Never argue

with an idiot.

They will only

bring you down

to their level

and beat you

with experience.”


~ George Carlin


Elfje:            (Cinquain)    Classic: each word only one syllable.

just daft
not as fast
the dim light bulb


Haiku:     (5-7-5, nature and seasons the topic)

natures season turns
sunny hot and muggy days
mild spring is over



the promises come true only when we are willing to change
it is the people, places and things we must rearrange
the most important lesson is to change from me to we
it is wonderful to know that a new attitude is free

salvation for the addicted with a backward brain
restored to a new way of thinking that is sane
thinking of consequences before they react
sad that the science of the brain is still inexact

never again to be sorry or to be bored
for the lucky good relationships restored
miracles akin to the rising of the Phoenix bird
sad that the disease is stronger than the word

it matters not to what someone is addicted
the twelve step program can save the afflicted


ME and the Boss










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