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A Meaning


“Even when poetry

has a meaning,

as it usually has,

it may be inadvisable

to draw it out.

Perfect understanding

will sometimes

almost extinguish pleasure.”


~ A.E. Housman





intense erotica

genuine and exquisite

softly arousing every sense





warm clover nectar

bees produce golden honey

natures perfect food




made you think

you dirty fink

trying to read between the lines

looking for revealing tell tale signs

while I was writing

trying to be exciting

trying to be just a little confusing

all mixed up with some silly amusing

knowing that a good poem never ends

let’s quit this game and just be friends

for getting this far give me credit

and no you were not asked to edit

your so vain you thought this poem was about you

was about you, was about you

but I could have picked any old animal out of the zoo

use your brain to read whats on the line

say you don’t know if you have a spine

truthfully, it is not in the meaning, it is just the rhyme

finis, because I can only take just so much of a good time.


ME and the Boss







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