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All The Same


“I am a student of life,

and don’t want to miss

any experience.

There’s poetry in this

sort of thing, you know-

-or perhaps you don’t know,

but it’s all the same.”


~ H.P. Lovecraft





life’s experiences

agony and ecstacy

forming a sensual legacy





thunder and lightning

nature’s opulent display

even while snowing




can you see it
I don’t see it
maybe it is there
I just don’t care

the seer leads by suggestion
noises from hidden speakers
the place brings on a queasy indigestion
the séance features unknown creatures

she attempts to  tells us the future
the crystal ball begins to glow
the air begins to turn a slight bit cooler
my mind begins to dance the fandango

I could no longer stifle the laugh
the table began to tremble and rise
it lent credence to my choreograph
I could not  wait for the next surprise

frustrated, she turned everything off
the castanets in my head became quiet
she ushered us out saying mazal tov
hurry, we don’t want to start a riot

I still can’t see the supernatural
think I’ll just stick with what is factual

ME and the Boss










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