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Never Mind


“The poet is a light

and winged and holy thing,

and there is no invention

in him until he has been

inspired and is out of his senses,

and the mind is no longer in him.”

~ Plato, Ion





thinking begins

the spirit intercedes

poetry evolves of itself





oppressive damp heat

summer begins to invade

nature adapts well




words are both sounds and shapes
waiting to be both heard and seen
providing incredible unrealistic escapes
delivering lines we can read between

words are a source of inspiration
the minds eye seeks out a definition
finding the right word can lead to frustration
voices singing and dancing, a mad apparition

stories by inference or partially told
using the script to create an illusion
rich and meaningful or just fools gold
having the reader draw their own conclusion

too many words makes it hard to stop
will anyone really truly comprehend
best leave the moral lessons to Aesop
and conclude this brainchild with the standard

“The End”


ME and the Boss







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