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“Loneliness is

the poverty of self;

solitude is

the richness of self.”


~ May Sarton

Elfje:            (Cinquain)    Classic: each word only one syllable.


move on
do it twice
try to or else


Haiku:     (5-7-5, nature and seasons the topic)

springs chilly drizzle
sky covered by low gray clouds 
first robin appears


quarter of a century in recovery
every day a new day of discovery
learning to accept all of life’s changes
enjoying the chance to be outrageous

I pray every day to walk the walk
sad are those who just talk the talk
it is easy to accept when God is in control
body, mind and soul He makes us whole

sobriety promises us many things
a chance to unravel the heart strings
a new freedom from past regrets
friends who we can count as assets

an attitude that includes no fears
a desire to be of help to our peers
happy, happy, happy for others
a choice to be part of a band of brothers

knowledge of feelings that keeps expanding
finding a God of our understanding
a kindness we are glad to  repay
living this life no other way
ME and the Boss











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