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Pure Haiku

more 011


Writing a few haiku to submit

to the blog below;


Maybe, that mine will be included,

if not, they will be here forever.

Traditional Haiku have a seasonal reference

among other criteria that makes them unique.

Standard form is 5 – 7 – 5 syllables.



Cool winter winds blow

gusts – they make the spine tingle

warm mittens and scarves



Grey clouds darken sky

sun so far away is weak

tilt –┬áthe earth returns




Yellow, red and gold

after the blaze of autumn

winter turns to brown




Happy memories

children playing in the snow

laughter – a warm heart




Halfway through season

loving St. Valentine gives

warmth to cold winter


So much for the winter Haiku’s … Hopefully

I will be inspired to write more poetry

before the spring Haiku are being written.


ME and the Boss Poetry







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