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Little Words

When you are gone,
there is nor bloom nor leaf,
Nor singing sea at night,

nor silver birds;
And I can only stare,

and shape my grief
In little words.

Dorothy Parker

Elfje: Cinquain



cute twins

boy and girl

dressed blue and pink





born to be happy

was loved and knew how to love

with a heart of gold




here’s hoping that your every day is a Sunday
giving your Higher Power a day to rest
having gratitude for each and every day
doing His will makes it the best

accepting life without a worry
always trying to do the next right thing
do it now so later you won’t have to hurry
please don’t cry over the broken shoe string

begin each day with an attitude of gratitude
best to know that you have a choice
better to be seen than being viewed
show your love by using a happy voice

don’t pay Peter by what from Paul you rob
always the choice, happiness is an inside job


ME and the Boss









Be Real – Have No Fear


“The fear of poetry

is an indication

that we are

cut off from

our own reality.”


― Muriel Rukeyser





unknown future

feelings of angst

things you cannot control





morning frost and fog

year end season transition

winter comes to call




all decked out in a Santa outfit
waiting for the children on my lap to sit
trying to catch the magical holiday spirit
to the myth, the legend,  I am an adherent

please dear God don’t let the babies cry
doesn’t the whole world know I’m not a bad guy
potty stop visitors, my knee is not for peeing
joy everyone, even if it is just for the time being

must I be politically correct
can I allow my motives to be circumspect
can I suggest the reason for the season
will the thought police hang me for treason

Ho Ho Ho  … the Holy spirit has caught me
I accept this world as God wants it to be
do what you must to take care of your business
but we can never forget the meaning of Christmas


. ME and the Boss

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