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Poets Were Daydreamers Too


“Freud thought that

a psychosis was

a waking dream,

and that poets were

daydreamers too,

but I wonder if the reverse

is not as often true,

and that madness is a fiction

lived in like a rented house”


~  William Gass


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



genetically predispositioned

post traumatic stress

going off one’s rocker



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


successful hours

daylight wanes

prayers end the day




politics and religion can ruin small talk
most people are not qualified to discuss either
their lame excuse is having a mental block
even the smartest can be an underachiever

say the word poetry and watch them squirm
remembering hippies and beatniks reading prose
the genre doesn’t even appeal to every bookworm
rhyme is left to the lover who wants to propose

seems that everyone is just too serious
or just too stupid, enjoying movies that have no plot
beyond ordinary understanding they believe the mysterious
going a lifetime of never having an original thought

the sad lament is that most of them are politicians
praying that they may find some legitimate positions


ME and the Boss










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