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“Contemporary poets

got so obscure

that poetry kind of

fell out of favor. ”


~ Paul Ruffin



Elfje: (Cinquain)



subtle hints

are you thinking

tell it like it





natures abundance

perpetual emotion

moving all senses




a mask carved from stone
he was always so very, very serious
a smile would probably crack his face
his demeanor posed deleterious

most believed he had no heart
his vocabulary consisted of grunts and groans
but under it all his mother knew
he had a good heart and strong bones

who knows what is behind God’s grand design
who among us is qualified to judge another’s character
can anyone determine the strength of that man’s spine
only God knows who is prey and who is predator

once upon a certain Saturday all hell broke loose
recalcitrant unleashed a hailstorm of destruction
the stone face frowned and knew he had no excuse
he reacted as taught by his military instruction

credited with saving many, a hero posthumously
never let a face judge a heart that lives generously

ME and the Boss








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