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That’s what it is,

I want to get

to a place

where my sentences

enact brimming.”


― Li-Young Lee


Elfje: Cinquain



the edge

on a ledge

a big fat lip



Lune: 5, 3, 5


in the saddlebags

cowboys fare

hardtack and coffee




through the rapids and over the falls
life giving water courses through all
even the human body averages sixty percent water
but it is the soul that contains all that can matter

to keep your soul in that happy place, love
place all of your faith in a Power from above
always striving to live life on God’s terms
the happiest know how to take turns

recovery is to satisfy body, mind and spirit
an unfounded fear of change will inhibit
everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain
you cant have a rainbow without some rain

are you ready to accept todays changes
every day demands emotional exchanges
yesterdays sobriety is not guaranteed today
it is for strength and courage that we pray

emotional strength means we are willing to accept
to cleanse the soul we have wept
courage is the faith to face the unknown
with love our spiritual foundation has grown

today, allow your soul to fly happy and free
be the person your God wants you to be


ME and the Boss









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