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Cold Ideas And Brain Dreams


“He was weary of himself,

of cold ideas and brain dreams.

Life a poem?

Not when you went about

forever poetizing

about your own life

instead of living it.”


~ Jens Peter Jacobsen


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



floating cloud

letting thoughts materialize

mostly selfish, sometimes not



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


again, in God’s time

Mother Earth wobbles and shakes

ages come and go

man’s feeble concept of time

what’s a million years or so



can’t carry a tune
my bucket is holy
can’t jump over the moon
everything gets done slowly

only color I can mix is brown
every picture is out of focus
at my best I was a not funny clown
my attempts at writing were atrocious

at school I struggled to be average
mumbling, stumbling, lived a boring life
at work they all used me as leverage
took three tries to get a good wife

can’t figure out rhyme or reason
my best guess is usually wrong
can’t decide on a favorite season
never, ever could I name that song

so I can’t, no reason to be blue
because what I can, is to love you



ME and the Boss










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