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It Found Me


“I wasn’t meant

for reality,

but life came

and found me.”


~ Fernando Pessoa


Elfje:         (Cinquain)         classic: each word only one syllable


cold rime

creek to lake

all things that froze



Haiku:     (5-7-5, nature and seasons the topic)


winter cold persist

glad to see daylight growing

spring stands in the wings




magnolia blossoms aroma wafted above
young hearts below dreaming of love
springs chilly rain waters tomorrows hope
urges so strong that make some want to elope

generation after generation, God’s design
who can argue that it is not divine
fill your dreams with all you can imagine
be ready to accept whatever may happen

the quiet mind knows serene
renew ancient faith as did St. Augustine
with this life there is not a guarantee
it will be or it was meant not to be             (said Shakespeare)

stay young and always dream of love
for love will bring blessings from above 


ME and the Boss








Pure Haiku

more 011


Writing a few haiku to submit

to the blog below;


Maybe, that mine will be included,

if not, they will be here forever.

Traditional Haiku have a seasonal reference

among other criteria that makes them unique.

Standard form is 5 – 7 – 5 syllables.



Cool winter winds blow

gusts – they make the spine tingle

warm mittens and scarves



Grey clouds darken sky

sun so far away is weak

tilt – the earth returns




Yellow, red and gold

after the blaze of autumn

winter turns to brown




Happy memories

children playing in the snow

laughter – a warm heart




Halfway through season

loving St. Valentine gives

warmth to cold winter


So much for the winter Haiku’s … Hopefully

I will be inspired to write more poetry

before the spring Haiku are being written.


ME and the Boss Poetry






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