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Rise Up And Soar


“I do not understand

the whole thrilling verse,

but I love the way poetry

turns ordinary words

into winged things

that rise up and soar!”


– Margarita Engle



Elfje: (Cinquain)



to fly

to be you

rise up and soar





birds rise up and soar

escaping the predator

survival defense



who doesn’t like the challenge
the imbecile, the retarded
the emotional with too much baggage
the coward with feelings guarded

those from the gene pool discarded  . . .
dare to be a man among men
strong enough to take out the garbage
willing to be wrong every now and then

be willing to define your role
know that it is OK to share a feeling
understand that God gave you a soul
emotions are not for concealing

who gains from acting macho
double dealing with someones heart
a ghost who is sordid and hollow
an ego that is far from smart

be the man who makes your mother proud
a loving person who can care and share
stand head and shoulders above the crowd
a man of faith, a wish and a prayer

have a goal to make this world a better place
be willing to accept all of God’s grace.

ME and the Boss









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