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Because We Can


‘We write

for the same reason

that we walk, talk,

climb mountains or

swim the oceans –

because we can….

that’s why we dare

to love someone –

because we have the impulse

to explain who we are.”


~ Maya Angelou


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



to me

let’s be free

do what we please





stuck between seasons

what to wear is confusing

hot, cold, breezy, calm




choices, to laugh or to cry
don’t ask me why

judged to be good or bad
you may jiggle the doodad

color me black or white
good night, out of sight

my sides are right and left
stay away from the cuckoos nest

living in a world that makes no sense
too many bodies that won’t give two cents

souls languishing in a netherland limbo
identities sought by becoming a pinko

everyone shouting, nobody listening
senses numbed by negative conditioning

whatever will become of this world
flags of unborn nations yet unfurled

is there a solution to the puzzle
will there be an end to the trouble

will man forever have to live in fear
will there be a mother left to wipe away the tear

pray that tomorrow the sun will rise
that peace will be restored by the wise

that man will live to be civilized
that no soul will be disenfranchised

harmony, goodwill and friendship will prevail
just believe in a real fairytale


ME and the Boss.










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