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Strike At The Soul


“To delight

the ear and the eye

is a mere sensual


—true poetry

strikes at the soul.”


― Samuel Egerton Brydges



Elfje: (Cinquain)



in three

body, mind , soul

doing the Creators will





beautiful evening

inspiration from above

nature adores praise




Quiet the noisy mind
Have it in your heart to be kind

Seek serenity for your soul
Make peace of mind your only goal

Learn to love all and include yourself
Find tranquility in and of itself

For others be patient and tolerant
Of wants or needs be cognizant

For those who have no clue be forgiving
The Creator has a purpose for all of the living

And when your day is done let everyone agree
I was the person my God wanted me to be


Love, hugs and prayers. ME and the Boss





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