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A Witch’s Brew


“Poetry operates

by hints and

dark suggestions.

It is full of secrets

and hidden formulae,

like a witch’s brew.”


     ~   Anthony Hecht

Elfje:            (Cinquain)         



a word

what could be

a song to sing



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7

a birthday today
God blessed him to live this long
now older than  dirt

pleasant memories abound
a simple life lived with love




The only truth we have
is the real life we have lived
haim, life in Hebrew, to the rav
from memory the past is derived

ego’s pride makes up the lies
the false life we wanted to live
trying to avoid the booby prize
avoiding effort we needed to give

was it real or was it a dream
times swift pace makes life a blur
layers of reality from a deep running stream
ambitions which events had us defer

Tomorrow, God granted,
will we live the truth
with real can we be contented
or must we seek the fountain of youth

don’t waste time waiting for the last dance
if you are given that last chance
live a life that you want to be true
a life with no lies is easy to review


ME and the Boss










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