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We Create

“I only wrote prose
before I met you.
My musings were

superfluous and serious
as well.
But now the words

dance with me.
I sing with them
and we create poetry.”

 Kamand Kojouri


Elfje: (Cinquain) .

choir as one name that tune each with a part song.

Haiku: .

perfect harmony earth and water side by side supporting all life .


. it's seven am in the morning the alarm goes off without warning I'm old, I'm tired, why must I awake please brain, answer me, for heaven's sake under the covers warm and snug I'm as smug as a bug in a rug think, no alarm was ever set by mistake maybe by the guy who is nuttier than a fruitcake oh yes, it is Christmas eve in Santa the grandchildren still believe must have dinner ready when they arrive thankful for them that it is a short drive stopped complaining about the hour many things to do within my power the place is clean, a few decorations set there is always one thing that I will forget dinner was prepped the night before a ham, small turkey, trimmings and more grandkids love Gramps idea of dessert first their parents think the concept is the worst they're here, they're here, kisses and hugs lets get the hot chocolate and fill those mugs stories to tell, memories to be made peace and prosperity for all we prayed with gifts exchanged, the goodbyes are said pleasant dreams awaiting, he is ready for bed

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You Triumph





invincible calm,

you triumph.”

~ Paul Valery


Elfje: Cinquain



gain ground

out in front

from last to first





rainy season starts

every day a short shower

humidity rules



he tried to strangle the keyboard
the words were stuck in outer space
everything read like the congressional record
every idea seemed to be out of place

the poem would not get off of first base
it blatantly lied to me with a straight face
it giggled and laughed and called me names
it made every attempt to go up in flames

finally I declared enough is enough
time for the poetic muse to get tough
this poem needs a topic like death or love
compromise said the poem,
lets talk about the God from above

the Creator who makes all things possible
the One whose concept is philosophical
keeping balance in the Uni-verse, day and night
and when we accept, everything is just right

the list goes on for those who are forever grateful
an inside job whose attitude is delightful
having the courage to build on a foundation of faith
to fend off the curse that is cast by the wraith

the Almighty was benevolent and the words erupted
all is good when the Spirit is trusted
even the poem gave a sigh of contentment
the last thing anyone would want is a resentment

another poem inspired by Providence
trusting in the All Powerful’s competence


ME and the Boss








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