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A Few Reasonable Words

“One ought,

every day at least,

to hear a little song,

read a good poem,

see a fine picture,

and, if it were possible,

to speak a few

reasonable words.”


~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Elfje:         (Cinquain)



to be

as a fact

by one and all





cold water pipe sweats

heat and humidity rise

summer has arrived




silly time, why grow up
smile, chuckle, giggle, laugh
gratitude does not need a measuring cup
sorrow will cut your life in half

love will come when your singing in the rain
kindness grows when you share your happiness
many a joy comes from riding a choo-choo train
hitting the nerve on your humerus is funniness

drugs and alcohol contribute to dysphoria
gratitude can be the cause of euphoria
over the top fear brings about hysteria
the miracles survive the sanatoria

reasonable words convey love, kindness and joy
everyone knows a picture is worth a thousand words
hello in Portuguese is the word ahoy
cheating and lying is definitely for the birds
life will go on, but not in this poem
all future comments will be spoken


ME and the Boss.










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