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“All religion,

my friend,

is simply evolved

out of fraud, fear,

greed, imagination,

and poetry.”


~ Edgar Allan Poe


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



unreal thoughts

vivid mental picture

things that don’t exist



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


nature’s true colors


can you see me now




is there another world parallel to our own
what some have called the twilight zone

where everything is opposite, black or white
where the darkest dark becomes the bright

no good or evil, just a calm
ethereal music accompanying a psalm

everything positive, no negatives allowed
nine is the number assigned to every cloud

a surreal place that is not a dream
all meals end with peaches and cream

every soul is born with a red heart
all other features are a la carte

feelings that do not include fear and hate
there is no crooked, only straight

could we live in both worlds at the same time
in a place where there would be no crime

a place where speech writers would not take sides
where politicians don’t change with the tides

as long as there are egos it will not happen
but there is no reason that we cannot imagine

Today, think love, peace and prosperity
allow every motive to be benefit charity


ME and the Boss










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