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Mixed Feelings


“Poetry might

be defined

as the clear

expression of

mixed feelings.”


~  W.H. Auden


Elfje:         (Cinquain)    classic: each word only one syllable



be nice

me and you

two make a whole



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5

mixed feelings arise
cry or laugh
just try to do both


escorted by a flock of angels
the child was full of expectations
disappointments followed and his life was overrun
he chased away the angels, one by one

the devil saw his opening and pounced
a claim to the child’s soul he pronounced
sitting on the child’s shoulder the devil was right at home
looking for trouble the child did roam

the devil made sure trouble found him
the child became a man who lived in sin
drugs, alcohol, corrupting others morals
he boasted he invented the negative laurels

Satan’s disease wanted him to be alone
suicide the devil did condone
use and abuse lead him to the brink
his soul was bound using his blood as ink

to God every soul is a special prize
so God sent him an angel in disguise
the angel lead him to a place called the recovery hole
a place where he could redeem his soul

he found a room filled with kindred soul
one day at a time was their only goal
unconditional love, to think about others
similar stories all shared by brothers

suggested changes, the devil’s regret
they forgive the past, but never forget
his sobriety hinges on being altruistic
he learned a new language that is euphemistic

he has spiritual tools to keep the devil at bay
a Higher Power to whom he can pray
as he and his angel do the dance divine
today, for them, it is just one day at a time

ME and the Boss










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