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A Field Guide

“I would like

The Discovery of Poetry

to be a field guide to

the natural pleasures

of language –

a happiness we were

born to have.”

~  Frances Mayes


Elfje: Cinquain



a word

a whole phrase

out of the mouth



Tanka: 5, 7, 5, 7, 7


to communicate

put into so many words

give life a meaning

a story of what happened

plans for what we want to be




the beautiful grandchild laughed
he saw a monkey that looked just like me
on top of that he believed I was daft
the stories he told as he sat on my knee

emotions arise as I view the legacy
how wonderful is the Great Creators design
the gratitude list excludes jealousy
faith allows all of the stars to align

an attitude of happy, joyous and free
God’s bountiful love is all that I see


ME and the Boss









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