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What You Really Think


“Poetry is not an expression

of the party line.

It’s that time of night,

lying in bed,


what you really think,

making the private world public,

that’s what the poet does.”


~ Allen Ginsberg


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



my story

who I am

what I want to be                   (One too many … but who cares ? ? ?)





rain, rain go away

come again some other day

today’s game is called


Poem:    mother’s day


mother always said
there is no such thing as free
she always knew what was in my head
she even knew when I had to pee

mothers intuition I later learned
passed on from mother to mother
with our welfare she was concerned
gifts of love we learned to give one another

the neighborhood hot line was very speedy
she knew what was done before we got home
no need in trying to be sneaky
she said she heard it from the garden gnome

her artistic touch brightened our world
stories about us made the grandchildren laugh
the time when aunt Mickey had our hair curled
memories shared with an old photograph

mothers deserve more than one day
cherish yours while you still can
know that hers is a price we can never repay
love doesn’t work on the installment plan

love is not free, so we all must work for it
when in doubt, just copy your mother’s wit


ME and the Boss.










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