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flowers lowes 050


It has been

a month … plus.

No excuses …

just being me.







Multi colored

can pollinators discern

or is it smell





Hummingbird flits by

Spring migration going north

Florescent traveler

POEM: Some Things Never Age

Old bones long for a warm sun
The winters have become longer, colder
The spirit grows weary and impatient
The curmudgeon becomes older, bolder

The memory begins to fade in and out
The eyes are clouded, the hearing diminished
Crows feet and ear hairs begin to sprout
Thoughts are begun and left unfinished

Friends and family begin to disappear
Love is now a warm ember, no longer a flame
If age and attitude are causing you fear
Don’t fault God, you have¬†only yourself to blame

The soul never waivers, God’s will to be done
Each day an adventure, His name to proclaim
Mother Nature inspires each spring a renewal
The Uni-verse all glorious its wonders to exclaim

A legacy becomes a motive to achieve
Can I make this world a better place
Find the heart and open it with compassion
Make a wrong right with a warm embrace

Can you become the person God wants you to be
can we stay friends, you and me
Enjoy your age, whatever it may be
because this life has no guarantee


ME and the Boss







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