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Imitate The Best

“if you’re going

to use the word


in a poem,

you had better be

langston hughes.”

~ Jewelle Gomez

Elfje: Classic: each word is a single syllable.



hope to

what you want

like to die for





spring is upon us

the earth comes back to full life

a new birth begins .




he thought he could learn by osmosis
it was just another of his many neurosis
lazy would be a better description
Mad Magazine was his favorite subscription

he used and abused everything he could
it didn’t matter if were bad or good
one was too many, a thousand never enough
he could handle it, he was really really tough

everything hurt when he hit his bottom
he could not believe how low he had fallen
the Judge concluded that he needed some help
his response was to let out a despondent yelp

the therapist recommended a twelve step program
he needed to start cramming for his final exam
his sponsor noted that osmosis would not work
he just needed to stop being a jerk

he was asked to follow a few simple suggestions
to be honest, no lying, when answering questions
keep coming back was all they said
clear the cobwebs from out of the head

he became the miracle
his life was more than allegorical
to carry the message became his advocation
every day a cause for celebration

for many years he touched many lives
his legend now lives in the local archives



ME and the Boss








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