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A Love Of Words

“…fine love poetry

tends to be written

when the object of

one’s affection is

at a safe distance;


it often reflects

a love of words

more than a love of women…”


― Kate Fox


Elfje:   (Cinquain)



no wait

maybe we can

make up our minds





colorful rainbow

natures eternal promise

life giving water




modern times demand modern poetry
how is that done with old fashioned words
must we reinvent a modern psychiatry
easier to just smoke some old fashioned herbs

can the poet create a new set of feelings
make his message more obscure
manufacture words with new meanings
stoop to using semantics that are impure

the easiest motive is to be yourself
trust God that he made you unique
be honest, the best poem is oneself
can you live with your own critique

everything happens in God’s time
the poets acceptance is declared in his rhyme

ME and the Boss










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