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In A Cry Of Desperation


“But I’m not here just

to make records and money.

I’m here to say something

and to touch other people,

sometimes in a cry

of desperation:

“Do you know this feeling?”


~ Keith Richards


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



sensory faculty

perception of surroundings

elementary awareness of stimulation



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


standing ovation


for a job well done




his backward brain screamed
of unspeakable horrors he dreamed
for him nothing ever went right
always in darkness never the light

some called it a disease
symptoms pushed all the right keys
others said a pre-existing condition
by either name it was an addiction

different medicines would work for some time
his body couldn’t produce the right enzyme
the Doc and the Shrink were always at odds
both believing that they were gods

eventually the judge sent him to jail
a friend sent him a pamphlet in the mail
a few drunks came for a visit
the message they carried was kismet

the seed was planted, he had a thought
they had the serenity which he had sought
time served, why not go for the change
this new way of thinking was to him very strange

what he found was a program of simplicity
thinking less led to felicity
he found honesty to be his key
his attitude of gratitude was carefree

his backward brain still faces negativity
but his new way of thinking always finds positivity
hanging out with a new band of friends
he no longer has to even make amends

in recovery he is considered a miracle
helping others makes the effort reciprocal



ME and the Boss










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