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The Absurd Poem


“Where joy

in an old pencil

is not absurd.”


― May Sarton



Elfje:            (Cinquain)



being made

some just yesterday

mostly many years ago



Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)


wannabe the king

egotism on steroids

self defeating dud




ideas, ideas, what to write
the poem is not feeling very contrite
reject, too sad, reject, too silly
can we compose using a calla lily

inspiration is everywhere
mostly a wish, sometimes a prayer
does God know what I am thinking
old age, the brain is really shrinking

frustrated by the too many red lights
send me a bucket of bright green sights
most people live in the yellow zone
going through life as a mindless drone

time to throw caution into the wind
reposition the crooked frame of mind
forget the dreary, grab on to the whimsy
believe, Santa does come down the chimney

Milne, Potter, Carroll, Baum and Suess
adults on a children’s level thesaurus
stories that animate many a dream
original builders of a new theme

we know what Poe did for the mystery
in writers parlance the rest is history
is it a mind that big or a mind that wide
that one can imagine beyond the true and tried

is it words or rhyme that must transcend
that allows the poem to have a worthy end
is it the journey, the thinking, that satisfies
or is it maybe a try at the Pulitzer prize

smoke coming from the ears, a true visual sign
the thoughts have crossed the proverbial goal line
time to wrap it up with a big red bow
time to return to reality, the here and now



ME and the Boss










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