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I Like Asparagus

“For a lot of people,

poetry tends to be dull.

It’s not read much.

It takes a special kind

of training and a lot of practice

to read poetry with pleasure.

It’s like learning to like asparagus.”


― Thomas M. Disch



Elfje: (cinquain)



a bunch

nibble the spear

eventually it’s eaten raw





snow has yet to melt

asparagus heads pop up

springs first savory crop




A thousand words ago
life began and life ended
inch by inch driven by ego
all honor was to be defended

the child is given excuses
learning to lie and to manipulate
the personality grows elusive
never again will there be a sinless slate

mother dearest does the nurturing
peers drive home the lessons
likes and dislikes forever versioning
many experiences give lasting impressions

with his addictive brain on backwards
eventually the wrong choice is made
he was fingered as one of the bad actors
the law pinched him in a whorehouse  raid

another soul lost in the system
the normals don’t understand a mental obsession
rare is the judge and jury who possess wisdom
another life whose ending is in question

did this happen a hundred years ago
whose great grandfather was the horse thief
hundreds of old photos in the portmanteau
tales being told that are beyond belief

what will history say about our generation
too many selfish and self-centered worried about the I
is this the beginning of the end or the start of a new creation
as we waste our time arguing  about the pie in the sky

will you mind your own or someone else’s business
whose honor should be defended
will you procrastinate or be ambitious
is there a message we can comprehend

let the philosophers debate what will be

let us, you and I,  lunch by the sea . . .

ME and the Boss








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