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Let Your Soul Heal


“Give it air

& let the scar

on your soul

reveal itself,


like the body,

it too was made

to heal itself.”

― Curtis Tyrone Jones





can be

want to see

what lies by there



Lune: Reverse 3,5,3



how one sees what is





oodles, oodles and oodles, more goodies galore
what chocoholic could want for anything more
a true paradise is the bakery in a candy store
the only requirement is that you fit inside the door

put the candy along side the check out aisle
guilt will go away when you promise to walk another mile
remember to clean your teeth before you smile
for the obsessed there can never be a stockpile

just buy larger size clothing when you start to get plump
denying your passion will only make you a grump
only the young can do the long, broad or high jump
besides, who wants to be as healthy as Donald Trump

so I’ll have one more chocolate, if you please
just the weird can live on cottage cheese



ME and the Boss








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