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Poetry’s Work



“Poetry’s work

is the clarification

and magnification

of being.”


― Jane Hirshfield



Elfje: (Cinquain)



reality practice

distraction from life

necessary when not abused





elements erode

here today gone tomorrow

earth ages nobly




the races will be amalgamated
moral responsibilities debated

too many standards outdated
personal gains advocated

the king is highly overrated
the poor eunuch was castrated

is it an honor to be animated
whose ego needs to be inflated

do we know how history was translated
is the loser always frustrated

questions of life too complicated
opposing views never integrated

too old, the thinking mitigated
the sedate man domesticated

learning to enjoy life uncomplicated
the simple things appreciated

trusting those who are venerated
my body parts have been donated

please consider me antiquated
old, spent, tired, exhausted

there is no punch left in the line
these few words will be my shrine

ME and the Boss









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