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Gushes Poetry

“I opened my veins.

Unstoppably life spurts out

with no remedy.

Now I set out

bowls and plates.

Every bowl will be shallow.

Every plate will be small.

And overflowing their rims,

into the black earth

to nourish the rushes,

unstoppably without cure,  gushes poetry …”


~ Marina Tsvetaeva


Elfje:         (Cinquain)



not deep

a transparent person

motives on the surface





on oceans high tides

moon makes its monthly cycle

sailors set their sails




it’s easy to have an awesome day
just be careful of what you say

be nice to the little old lady next door
guidance from a Higher Power implore
wants or needs, be careful what you ask for

believe that souls exist without colors
healthy children respect their mothers
the happiest treat everyone like brothers
sharing unconditional love with others

be patient with those who are innocent
be tolerant of those who are ignorant
forgive the eclectic who think they are different

just be the person God wants you to be
enjoying a life that is happy, joyous and free



God’s will for me is to: be nice, be loving, be patient, be tolerant,

be forgiving and just be the person He wants me to be.


ME and the Boss











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