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An Act Of Faith

“Even the most 
political poem 
is an act 
of faith.”

 ~Martin Espada


in God
He is good
all of the time


rain, rain, go away
the garden has been flooded
the lake has been filled



are you ever too old to learn
how many brain cells do you have to burn
can you teach an old dog a new trick
is it the dead cells that makes the brain so thick

does new technology make life easy
or is it just more income for the sleazy
fat fingers never worked in any phone
today to buy one you need a personal loan

soon all of the cars will be electric
driven by clones who will be eccentric
old timey mechanics will have nothing to fix
with no transmissions they’ll need to find a new trick

change, change, change, why complain
the future will come at us, just like the rain



ME and the Boss




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