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Painting is poetry

that is seen

rather than felt,

and poetry is painting

that is felt

rather than seen.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci


As the man waited for his muse to arise
he sat at his desk and contemplated his feelings.
I am happy to be breathing he surmised
what other emotions can be so revealing

So let us shoot for the stars, let us be exuberant
could have, should have and would have are too depressing
let the spirits arise, let us opine to be more jubilant
find the soul that smiles a lot and to them be acquiescing

The muse was so enraptured with the glee
the words poured forth like a babbling brook
no chains, no fetters just wind blown and free
everything rhymed and chimed, even the gobbledygook

An attitude of gratitude arose in the writer
He knew that mirth is the gleam in God’s eye
his soul was unburden and it became lighter|
knowing that happiness and love can fill the sky

The words will end, but the feeling must last
so he used his rhyme to paint the merry festival
surprised to learn that happy can be both present and past,
feelings and thoughts that can celebrate the fanciful

The muse is within all of us, be happy my friend
the glad feelings and thoughts must never end …


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