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The Rhythmical Creation Of Beauty


“I would define,

in brief,

the poetry of words

as the rhythmical

creation of Beauty.”


~ Edgar Allan Poe



Elfje:   (Cinquain)



gentle sounds

pleasing gossamer dreams

still water runs deep






thunder lightening rain

God’s wonderful theater

life giving waters




I can see the setting with my minds eye

with my words I want you to see it too

use your imagination, let it fly

let us all take a trip to the emotional zoo


let us start with the family, we know them best

Dad doesn’t count, his emotions are hidden

question his feelings he would flunk this test

real men don’t cry; a tear, heaven forbidden


Mom’s usually have all of the passion

child bearing, child rearing stretches the sensibilities

following Dr. Spock or whoever is the current fashion

in the end, Mothers intuition is the God given ability


Siblings, a curse or a blessing

some are like Mom, some are like Dad

memories fueled by feelings worth expressing

the best times, the worst times we have ever had


neighbors and friends can fill the zoo

from cuddly koalas to to the always hungry lion

over the cuckoo’s nest some of them flew

personally they all made their own bed to lie in


paint the picture, yourself, family and others

what colors do their personalities represent

the vibrant peacock, the camouflaged laughing hyenas

use your mental imagery how many matches can you invent


see the picture

who is the sicker

can’t go to the zoo

without looking for you



ME and the Boss









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