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Fossil Poetry



fossil Poetry.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Elfje: (Cinquain) Classic, each word only a single syllable.



you said

nouns and verbs

a tone of voice




pitter patter rain

seedling needs food, sunshine

Gods hydroponics



he was dreaming of building a rocket
while wearing a hat like Davy Crockett
no dreams, much to young to smoke a pipe
most of the world saw him as a stereotype

mumbled and stumbled through life as a teenager
went to college but could never declare a major
got drunk and was kicked out of the fraternity
managed to impregnate the ugliest girl in the sorority

never confused with being an eager beaver
managed to survive as an underachiever
alcohol and drugs he turned into an abuse
the mean ugly world gave him an excuse

since we love happy endings, we’ll give him recovery
finding the truth was a road of discovery
he now lives a life that is happy, joyous and free
believing in a Higher Power was beginning key

to the still sick and suffering he shares his story
to the God of his understanding he gives all glory
more sobriety, more keys, more doors to open
enjoying the best world he could have ever chosen


ME and the Boss









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