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No Interpreter Needed


“Great poetry

needs no interpreter

other than a

responsive heart.”


― Helen Keller






emotionally charged

accepting what comes

life on life’s terms   (Life on God’s terms)





the shores sandy dunes

pushed by the oceans currents

summer vacation




some say the best poems extol the virtues of love

while soaring above on the wings of a dove

stories about feelings, fears and life

worries about things that cause angst and strife


every day the feelings are different

those without mothers become the ignorant

books with stories teach us how to feel

family and friends explain that which is real


some seek to alter the mood so they need not think

can’t figure out why when they lie to the shrink

sad are those whose brains are on a perpetual swing

ups and downs caused by the brains short circuit wiring


lucky are those whose friends have feelings that are mutual

the paranoid, the loner are not that unusual

will man ever be able to fix the brain

can there be a time when no one will be insane


until medicine finds the cure

self education will be the basic tool

learning to live the Golden Rule

hope’s of growing up and becoming mature


ME and the Boss









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