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The Longest Distance


“In philosophy,

as in politics,

the longest distance

between two points

is a straight line.”


~ Will Durant


Elfje:            (Cinquain)     
go over
make a mark
not a straight line

Senryu:      5-7-5 ( Haiku with people and their emotions/feelings as a topic)
acting silly helps
avoiding reality
tense emotions eased


relax, listen to your inner guidance
God will talk to you in the silence
choose to listen which is the next right thing
God’s choir is provided when the angels sing

prayer and meditation really work
serenity and peace of mind a Godly perk
all efforts designed to bring a spiritual experience
from self will run riot to God’s will with obedience

the silence broken by the sounds of laughter
fitting in to a fellowship that we sought after
a place to learn what is the next right thing
experience, strength and hope which you may bring

work your program, walk the walk
from the heart whenever you may talk
be the person you Higher Power wants you to be
Honest, Open-minded, Willing and free

ME and the Boss








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