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Our Imagination


“This world is

but a canvas

to our imagination.”


~Henry David Thoreau




Elfje:            (Cinquain)



seen, heard

words, sounds, pictures

representations of the universe



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


simple melody

softly striking the hearts strings

pleasing to the ear


why do they call rap “music”

no melody, just a beat



look at me appreciating life
enjoying a melody played in tune
not demanding beyond my due
knowing I’ll have a good afternoon

the attitude wasn’t always that way
the drunk was fearful and forlorn
forever feeling he was the prey
the tortured soul subject to scorn

the path for years a downward spiral
relationships were a dime a dozen
toxic exercises that always went viral
those immoral desires achieved by cozen

I thought that God hated me
nothing ever ever went my way
a mess of a life was all I could see
a horrible price that I had to pay

a friend shined a light into my eyes
he saw that my brain was on backwards
a different attitude he did advise
he pointed in a direction going forwards

a fellowship of drunks showed me the path
I was introduced to my own Higher Power
a step to reconcile the terrible aftermath
I came down to earth from my ivory tower

come join us if you want
everyone has a least one ism
you’ll find a friend and a confidant
God’s light is a full spectrum prism

we share our tools as suggestions
there are no list of dos or don’ts
we even have answers for your questions
relief for that brain tied in knots

I’m no longer the drunk
still the alcoholic
many tools to keep me out of the funk
an easy way to enjoy the fun and frolic

today, one day at a time
doing the next right thing
enjoying the search for words that rhyme
a message of hope that I may bring



ME and the Boss










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