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Expand Your Senses


“If my poetry aims

to achieve anything,

it’s to deliver people

from the limited ways

in which they see and feel.”


― Jim Morrison





tunnel vision

one way street

no rhyme no reason





eyes closed aroma

spring repopulates the earth

nature seduces




he clings tenaciously to his comfort zone
he adamantly denies that he is a clone

he statistically fits into the status quo
his wife has replaced him with a rubber dildo

the kids don’t introduce him to their friends
he spends his days making unnecessary amends

the local bowling league failed to re-invite him
his insurance man told him to not go near the gym

the ultimate fanatic he paints his face in the home team colors
people in the  office will only comment, “he knows his numbers”

time is making him old and he is totally oblivious
like too many lives the ending is sadly piteous

if only he could have been persuaded to read a poem


ME  and the Boss








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