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The Slender Antenna


“What makes a poet

a poet?

The slender antenna

of awareness

combing the air

for messages.”


~ Luci Shaw


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



story line

the plot thickens

characters write the ending



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


cloud of tiny gnats

attracted by body heat

a pest in man’s eye

part of the ecosystem

alive because God said so



the hum of the traffic held him mesmerized
sleeping odd hours due to his work
nothing in his world was personalized
on the night shift as a hotel desk clerk

going to school to better himself
his future was lived one day at a time
no time to worry about his general health
dreams lived in a black and white pantomime

awakened to a stark reality
more schooling needed to keep the new job
house, wife, kids, responsibilities weighty
time to think about which bank to rob

nose to the grindstone, head kept above water
never enough time to make any friends
health and family ties begin to falter
the results of burning the candle at both ends

stopped, reflected, reorganized, sought advice
found employment that matched his lifestyle
placed family and friends above the closing price
finally took the time to breath once in awhile

life improves when you are able to smile
sleep is better when you balance self and others
keep practicing now for that final mile
enjoy the cycle of the Creators great wonders


ME and the Boss









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