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It’s Ended


“How does a poet

know when a poem

is ended?

Because it lies flat, taut;

nothing can be added

or subtracted.”

~ Carol Shields


Elfje: Cinquain



or two

but not three

no need to count





the wild universe

natural phenomenon

ever evolving




good , better, best
another day that God has blessed
new events we call the news
usually something that we do not choose

a good day, nothing happened at all
not even handwriting on the wall
food on the table, the roof stayed up
love overflowed the proverbial cup

a better day, something really nice happened
an incident that no one could have imagined
the post it note for a happy memory
a warm thought for the hearts treasury

the best day, God had better plans than I did
on that day He proved that every pot has a lid
it was the day He introduced me to the one I love
daily I thank the heavens and the God above

blessings for you, may today be your best
may you easily pass every stress test
pray that your silver linings turn to gold
may the love you give be returned two fold


ME and the Boss









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