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What Does It Mean

“all they want to do is tie

the poem to a chair with rope


torture a confession out of it.

They begin beating it with a hose

to find out what it really means.”


― Billy Collins





the truth

the whole truth

lying cops a plea





no silence in spring

natures chorus seeking mates

music to God’s ear




motives; body, mind and soul
as mysterious as a black hole
our wants and needs mostly ego driven
justification by purposeful commission

deep inside is it nurture or nature
character or appearance a portraiture
the sickest act like a magic chameleon
memory and events destined for oblivion

those who can’t, teach or become a politician
common sense does in no way improve cognition
the unethical shrink seeks a plausible explanation
the healthy see only the mentally deranged aberration

the simple mind deduces that there is no rhyme or reason
so sad that politically incorrect can’t be construed as treason
history repeats and human nature again is wrong
what remains will be left to the elements, the strong.


ME and the Boss







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