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What Do You Miss ?


“When you finally

go back to your

old hometown,

you find it wasn’t

the old home you missed

but your childhood.”


~  Sam Ewing


Elfje:            (Cinquain)



things remembered

people, places, things

good, bad, happy, sad



Tanka:             5-7-5, 7-7


mountains turning red

geese formations flying south

squirrels hiding nuts


nature prepares for winter

chilling winds forecast the change




the bus stopped a block away
in the wrong direction
a two mile walk to school

clothes were well worn
but always clean
couldn’t afford to dress real cool

the future was a wish and a prayer
mostly fulfilling Mother’s dream
she always started with the Golden Rule

lived my life during a wonderful era
it started with the end of World War II
men on the moon and nuclear fuel

then things began to change
banks and businesses too big to fail
greed enlarged the human cesspool

politicians ran on egos, not on skills
dumbed down education, no civics class
proclaiming themselves the Lords of misrule *

they failed to follow the most obvious lesson
history repeats itself, human nature prevails
they govern from their seat on the dunce’s stool

the future is still a wish and a prayer
the rich and the powerful buying their way
immune from the press’s scorn and ridicule

Whatever happened to the Golden Rule ? ? ?



*The Lord of misrule is the master of ceremonies at Christmas celebrations.
Politicians get re-elected by giving gifts (contracts and entitlements.)


ME and the Boss










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