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That Celestial Source

“Every beauty which

is seen here by

persons of perception

resembles more

than anything else

that celestial source

from which we all are come.”


~ Michelangelo


Elfje:         (Cinquain)    classic: each word only one syllable



some fun

a big thrill

glad to be nice



Lune:    5 / 3 / 5


beautiful sky

sun and mist

rainbows everywhere




to be a raspberry or not
identified by the purple spot
how did it become the Bronx cheer
fans who consumed one to many a beer

the bush, however, is a thorny problem
bees and butterflies love the blossom
one plant gives birth to a hundred suckers
this is only good if your name is Smuckers

at the local diner berries are the favorite pie
at home, dad’s favorite was the infamous shoofly
topped with ice cream, they are berrie berrie good
berries in a smoothie is well understood

wild berries were lunch for the wandering child
delightful innocence,  and God smiled
that pollution won’t spoil the berries we pray
you, yourself, please have a berry good day


ME and the Boss










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