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“If I feel physically

as if the top of my head

were taken off,

I know that is



~ Emily Dickinson






don’t think

rely on instincts

always thinking of others





hot lazy hazy

buzzing humming and tweeting

long days of summer




munching on a hardtack biscuit
while sailing on the seven seas
dreamt it was served in an iron skillet
made palatable with the cheese

nibbling on a saltine cracker
marching to war with the army
starving for a little laughter
not my idea of a very good party

chewing on a rubbery sacramental wafer
something about the yeast being bad
homemade since there was no man named baker
religious traditions have become ironclad

it was hardtack that won the west
most important was the hand that ran the chuck wagon
a little salt made it the best
better yet some wine from the flagon

gnawing on some black gram papadum
from Mumbai to New Delhi on a monsoon train
every car is packed from top to bottom
imaginingĀ a curry western starring John Wayne

dessert in the form of a crisp matzo
for me it doesn’t have to be kosher
just don’t want anybody calling me fatso
do you enjoy the tasteless flat breads that last forever

in war or peace and in between
by a miller the grain was ground
even cake or bread was touted by the queen
flour plus whatever has been around

just remember, you can’t eat your cake and keep it too.

ME and the Boss









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