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Sometimes Midnight



“A poet is a verb

that blossoms light

in gardens of dawn,


sometimes midnight.”


~ Aberjhani



Elfje: (Cinquain)

Producing art
Pictures in words
Music for the soul



One day at a time
Living life spiritually
Do the next right thing.



Sunrise, sunset
let the sun mark the day
the Great Creator in all of His glory
secure are we in His arms

Moon rise, moon set
let the moon mark the night
allowing Mother Nature to sing
protected are we in Her arms

Yesterday, tomorrow
let us try to stay in today
permit Father Time to have His say
destined are we in His arms

Forever and a day let our souls be free
as one with the Spirit of the Uni-verse
knowing that we are eternal in every way
secure, protected and destined in His arms.

ME and the Boss







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